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laura linney

You are just so elegant and beautiful - I hope I have some of the grace you have when I am your age. Egads! You win, you win at life.
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4th annual oscars posting frenzy!

that's right, it's oscars night!

on the red carpet: viggo mortensen! usually i love you, but tonight you're looking very much immunosuppressed, or malnurished.

and gary busey, don't maul jennifer garner again! that's just creepy.
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....how on earth did the temp increase a degree in the past hour? it's freaking DARK outside. how is the temp going UP???
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because a non-med student friend inquired: an intro to the Gunner

a gunner is a term used in the doctor field. a gunner is a person who is very highly obsessed with getting good grades/recommendations/ lookinG good to the residents/attendings, etc.....

see, those aren't bad things. you get the title of gunner when you do it at the expense of your fellow students.

common things a gunner will do:
1) "teach" their fellow students wrong information so that the fellow students get it wrong, and they get it right.
2) tell their fellow students they need to be somewhere ~1 hour after they're actually supposed to be there, making the fellow student look bad
3) talking trash about their fellow students to their residents / attendings / any supervisor
4) when another student is asked a question by an attending or resident (the attending or resident is looking to assess 'fund of knowledge' from a specific student) the gunner will pipe up with an answer before the student asked has a chance to answer.

luckily, with a lot of people aware of the gunner syndrome, they can often be spotted by the scrutinous supervisor.

here's a student-written article from harvard that describes them: http://webweekly.hms.harvard.edu/archive/2001/newyear/student_scene.html

this is a good example of gunner behavior: http://politedissent.com/archives/113/

Note: being driven and wanting to work does not a gunner make. the gunner label comes from stepping on your colleagues in order to rise above.

an ad for gunnera:

and this is also gunnerness:

and this is just fucking funny - it's almost 10 minutes and it is worth watching EVERY SINGLE SECOND:
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been up for 20 minutes. taking notes from some reading i did last night to review. am v tired. drinking cherry coke zero to wake up a bit. shower soon, then hospital.